The Continuation of the 
Perpetual Loop
of the Sterling Lady and Crew
Ok, to make a long story short, My VERIZON krap air car, has NOT been allowing me to use my web page builder for over 10 days, so Now , tonite, its working, (don't know why) so I will attempt to reconstruct the past 10 days in the blind . Sorry.
ANyway, we left Winter Harbor, and cruised up to Phoenix, for the Bridge House Brats.
The "brats" served a $3 breafast, so we also purchased the $3 coffee cups, and gave them a nice tip.
We climbed the lock house museum tower and took this shot of the Lady from above the Docks.
The Lock house museum is 3 stories high.
The next day we were invited by and followed, 3 local boaters from Owsego to a "tiki" bar pary at Cold Springs Marina, west of Phoneix.
This is the "tiki" bar and......
this is the impromptu pot luck dinner we all had by the docks.
The next morning we were headed back East, towards home , on the Erie. As we passed Winter Harbor, where this years Journey began, at the finger dock were the two boats owned by a sailboat racer. 
The sail boat was some 60 ft. long, specialty racer, made of Kavilar, Capable of 44 knots, at a cost of 5.5 million dollars. the owner also is the owner of the Yacht docked behind the sail boat.
We had a good run the 20 something miles across Lake Oneda, to Syvian Beach. This was Memorial Day weekend, and we expected a crowed trip, it was.
This is the entry channel to Sylvan Beach.
It really is a free dock that takes you back in time\!
Pictured here are mostly
Fran and Sue on Slacker Days, Tom and Pat, George and Ro,
Genie and the "docktor" and Mark the owner.
Tasted 15 different homemade wines this crew makes. 
Slyvan Beach was a bit crowed this Memorial Day Weekend, but we did get our Free slip.
Nother one for the Boat Name File.
Early Morning on the Erie Cannal.
All the sailboats have their masts stepped on the Erie, the lowest bridge is 15.5 feet.
After going thru one lock , our freshly washed , clean fender covers..

looked like this -------->>
There are some oldie but goodies up here.
Check out the mountains in the background ! 
Look closely, this is a dam drop off on the south side of the channel.
Some of the 
work tugs and crews quarters barges of the New York Cannal system.
We cruise at 7.5 mph, this really does not apply to us.  but then < I get 2. 75 mpg!
Once again, I turned down going into Marcy

(this one is for you , Marcy)
There was some "debris" on the ol Erie, especially , when you left a  lock.
Ya don't get these vista's in Ol Key largo!
Tonite we sleep in ilions, Ny, $1 a ft. with electric and water!
That's us over by the bridge, before the downpours started.
ilion is a cute little town. Shopping is a block from the Marina
Had dinner at a ilion Italian resturant, this is how they brought it out. '

Is is me, or ????

You decide.
Oh look, I have competition on the Erie
(remember, I am in the tour boat biz back home in Key Largo)
Not sure how much of a threat they may become?
Under one of the many guard gates and onward East.
Lock 18 , open and ready for us, as most of the Erie locks where.
The restored showboat tug Urger, passed us, and tooted.
Another set of guard gates, another day on the Erie.
What a view.
Locking down 35 ft. at a time.
and we are outa here.
This is one of only 2 locks in the U.S. that have gates that open up.
Check out the lock door..going up...
Don't know if they are hills or mountains, but good enough for me!
Tonite we sleep at another free lock's park wall.
Lock 12, as a lot of the locks here, got a lot of damage last fall from Hurrican Irene's floods.,
Sue, is the above link working now??